Clienia Update

July 8, 2016

Four years ago we realized a beautiful project in Switzerland in cooperation with Architecture- and Designcompany Dan Pearlman. Later we also developed a comicmagazine for the Clienia Littenheid. The children's psychiatric hospital Clienia in Littenheid built a new building with two new wards that needed two new characters who fit into the existing concept. After a workshop with the creative minds at Dan Pearlman, we developed the two new characters, Dipsta and Guppi. Shortly before opening the new building, we traveld again to Littenheid to paint the walls with these new characters and also changed the existing murals; of course we had to add Flippo and Dipsta to them too!
If you want to know more about this project, you should visit Dan Pearlmans projectsite too!

Photos by Guido Leifhelm