About Peachbeach

Peachbeach is the collaborative project by the two designers and illustrators Attila Szamosi also known as Vidam and Lars Wunderlich a.k.a. Look. Together they realize loads of different projects in the field of urban art, illustration, graffiti, and design.

The guys are both members of the international Graffiticrew THE WEIRD.

Photo by Thomas Schlorke

Lars Wunderlich / Look

Lars is from a small town in the north-east of Germany where time runs a bit slower then elsewhere in Germany. Hewas drawing on from his baby-ages and crashed into Graffiti in his youth. Then he studied art in a small town up north. After this he started studies again, this time in Berlin and it was graphic design. Check out his Graffiti-stuff

Attila Szamosi / Vidam

Attila was born in Budapest, and raised up in a small town in the near of cologne in the west of Germany. He started drawing also really early and was always fascinated by comics and electronic dancemusic. After school he came to Berlin for some internships and finaly to study graphic design. Nowadays he also works as a DJ and produces music, check his Soundcloud and his Facebookpage

Some Exhibitions

2013”…it was all green instead”, Look Solo-show, Balsamo Galery, Mexico City 2013”Vidam means happy”, Vidam Solo-show, Urban Spree Berlin 2013”Ich bin ein Berliner”, Arras, France 2012”REM Artspace Opening”, Vienna 2012”THE WEIRD EXHIBITION”, Berlin, Neurotitan 2012”4560 Urban Art Show”, Saarbrücken, Stadtgallerie 2012” Stroke 6.0 Urbann Art Fair”, München with the Weird 2012“Citylines”, Galerie 7a, Erfurt 2011“Hallenkunst”, Messe, Chemnitz 2011“Up ‘n’ down around”, Verve, Bielefeld 2011“The Future starts now”, Supalife Kiosk, Berlin 2011“Big Dushi Tales”, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin 2011“RunVie”, MuseumQuartier, Vienna 2011SOLO-Exhibition with DXTR “The Heist”, Raw Diamonds, Amsterdam 2011SOLO-Exhibition “The greatest hits of today and tomorrow”, Copenhagen 2011“Eggsibition”, Dudes Factory, Berlin 2011“Backstreet Toys” – Kupferdiebe Gallery Hamburg 2011“Stickcore” – Dolly Neukölln 2011“Helping Hounds of Hell” – Berlin Art Projects Gallery 2011“Art Bright @ Bright Fair” – Berlin 2010“WildWeding” – Brunnen70, Berlin 2010“Arte En Optativo” – Westberlin Gallery Room 2, Berlin 2010“Amos Showtime” Custom Cover Tourshow, different german Galleries 2010“The Collection” – Ecke Gallery, Berlin 2010“Reclaim your city” Neurotitan Berlin 2010SOLO-Exhibition “Welcome to the Peachbeach”, Westberlin Gallery, Berlin 2010“Schools Out”, Artoyz Gallery, Paris 2010„Oversized and Underprized“; Arty Farty Gallery Cologne 2010“Mail me Art 2″, Red Gate Gallery, London 2010„…PSSST!“; Gängeviertel Hamburg 2009„Black and White“; We make stuff good Gallery Berlin 2009„Oversized and Underprized“; Hatch StickerMuseum Berlin 2009Groupshow @ Hummel Flagshipstore Berlin 2009„Undivided“; Redspective Gallery Berlin 2009“Every 10 days”, Berlin – Mini-Soloshow 2009„SAVE BERLIN“; Stattbad Wedding Berlin 2009“Papergirl 4″ Alte Post Neukölln 2009“Pool Party” Stattbad Wedding Berlin 2008„Threesome“; Nice Nice Gallery Hannover

Some Publications

2012Feature & Interview Trunk Junk Quarterly Magazine 2012Feature “The Weird” Amateur Magazine 2012Book “4560″ Urban Art Book 2011Book “Schwarz auf weiß” SNNC Germany 2011Interview with “DigitalArtist”, Freelance Special 2011Feature in “Desillusion Mag” – France 2011Book “N+1 Dimensional Illustration” – Artpower China 2010Book “Typoshirt One” – Index Books 2010“Lausbuben” – Illustrationpublication by Zwupp Kollektiv, Austria 2010Book “Turmkunst – Streeart XXL” Jaron Verlag 2010Book “Playful Type 2″ Gestalten Verlag 2010Book “Torso”, Gestalten Verlag 2010Portfoliofeature ArtSchoolVets Website 2010Interview Attila Szamosi on i-ref.de 2010Book “Textil Design” Zeix Verlag 2010Interview Radio Motor FM 2010Interview and Feature, BeStreet Magazin France 2010Book “Semi-Permanent 2010 1st Edition” 2009“Think Green”-Calendar, Publisher: Eiga Design 2009Book “Great new fashion design” Zeix Verlag 2009Book “Exciting world of pattern design” Zeix Verlag 2009Interview in “Berlin Block”-Magazine 2009Book „The Ark“; IDN 2009Book “Semi-Permanent 2009 2nd Edition” 2009Book „Naïve“; Gestalten Verlag 2009Book „Urban Alphabet“; Nepomuk 2009Book „Beyond Architecture“; Gestalten Verlag 2008Interview “Attila Szamosi in der Kopfquetsche” www.kopfbunt.de 2008Illustrations for Graniph Design Store Katalog 2008Interview for Radio Fritz 2008Interview – “Music Supporter”, Magazine 2007Interview – “Vice”, Magazine 2007Book „Wenn ich träume“, Nepomuk 2007Feature – “Castle Magazine”, Onlinemagazine

Some Special Events

2012Livepainting Goodbye Monopol, Luxembourg with the Weird crew 2012Painting Performance with Artist Julischka Stengele, Stroke Urban Art Fair Berlin 2012Livepainting 4560 Festival, Saarbrücken with the Weird crew 2012Livepainting Nachtdigital Festival 2012Livepainting Step in the Arena Festival, Eindhoven with the Weird crew 2012Livepainting at Banja Luka pub, Berlin 2012Livepainting for “just add colors” Coverse campaign, Berlin 2011Livepainting for Dell at the IFA Fair in Berlin 2011Livepainting Party in Oberhausen 2011Livepainting and Vectorlounge Battle @Rosklide Festival, Denmark 2011Livepainting for RedBull @ Splash Festival, Gräfenhainichen 2011Livepainting @ Urban Art Circus Festival, Vienna 2011Livepainting @ ITB Tourismfair, Berlin 2011Bright Fair, Berlin – Vectorlounge 2011Backpiece Painting Action, Ritter Butzke, Berlin 2010Stroke 3.0 Urbann Art Fair, Berlin – Livepainting 2010New Yorker-Event @ The Weinmeister Hotel, Berlin – Livepainting Session 2010Absolut Bronson Festival Halle – Painting Session 2010Operation Tirana – Streetart Tour Albania for Mazine 2010Secret Wars Euro League – Drawingbattle 2010Vector Lounge Westberlin Gallery – Digital Graphic Battle 2008Paintingsession at R.E.F. Festival, Club Cassiopeia 2008Workshop @ Gymnasium Lohbrügge: Stagedesign for Musical „Linie 1“

Some Clients